Monday, January 10, 2011

Wanna create your own 'lookbook' for free?

Hey thereI like your hair. Who does your hair? I WANNA go there. 

For all of you bloggers out there who want to become the next best thing and a famous fashion designer or you just are really into fashion, I found this really great fashion forward and trendy website that permits you to create your own 'lookbook' per say, for free. You get the best of all worlds, the new looks, hot styles and actual models. Then people can have the opportunity to follow 'your page' with the designs that you have created and who knows... maybe a grand designer might spot you out....

Groovy Girl At Woodstock 1969

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Da Fetus Of It All

Happy Birthday to us. We're all long lost sisters (6) and we thought it would be cool to start a blog/lookbook to document our increasingly glamorous lives through music, fashion, photography, art, and random shit. We hope to get a lot of followers, or not... 

role call: 
Daniela/ DJ Dani Delite (19) wishes she was a black woman in the heart of the Harlem Renaissance. with fur coats and dark lipstick. chooses to be a real dawg at heart
Gaby/ Shotzie (19) white bread living with a bunch of FOBs, style- simple, comfy, yet chic. is a true OG, and would rule the world if you paid her in cheese.
Ari/ Jokester McGee (19) looks for the swankiest of the swankiest of the swankers. into dominatrix type shit. was a G chola in another lyfe. explores interesting art form with a hint of humor.
Sandra/ Shlomo (19) native french living in the heart of LA. loves ortho jews with big peepas and is always a la mode "ahh??"
Rachel/ Niku (17) chooses to place big ass flowers in her hair. rather step in a rain puddle with burberry rain boots then cowardly walk around. summons the gods with her squealing laugh. 
Megan/ Lilo (16) young money in the making. bohemian-vintage-ghetto-fab. looks American Indian. and smells like one too. free as a pigeon, graceful as an eagle.