Sunday, January 9, 2011

Da Fetus Of It All

Happy Birthday to us. We're all long lost sisters (6) and we thought it would be cool to start a blog/lookbook to document our increasingly glamorous lives through music, fashion, photography, art, and random shit. We hope to get a lot of followers, or not... 

role call: 
Daniela/ DJ Dani Delite (19) wishes she was a black woman in the heart of the Harlem Renaissance. with fur coats and dark lipstick. chooses to be a real dawg at heart
Gaby/ Shotzie (19) white bread living with a bunch of FOBs, style- simple, comfy, yet chic. is a true OG, and would rule the world if you paid her in cheese.
Ari/ Jokester McGee (19) looks for the swankiest of the swankiest of the swankers. into dominatrix type shit. was a G chola in another lyfe. explores interesting art form with a hint of humor.
Sandra/ Shlomo (19) native french living in the heart of LA. loves ortho jews with big peepas and is always a la mode "ahh??"
Rachel/ Niku (17) chooses to place big ass flowers in her hair. rather step in a rain puddle with burberry rain boots then cowardly walk around. summons the gods with her squealing laugh. 
Megan/ Lilo (16) young money in the making. bohemian-vintage-ghetto-fab. looks American Indian. and smells like one too. free as a pigeon, graceful as an eagle.

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